UK service offering

PB3C has expanded its network in Europe by opening an office in London to bolster its access to UK media for its clients. At a time when public perception and reputation are all-important, we are consistently looking to add value for our clients. We raise awareness of key issues that affect them and position their spokespeople as expert commentators through clear messages and high-quality content.

PB3C in London

We advise clients in the property and financial sectors on all communication matters, including corporate positioning, public relations and digital marketing, as well as providing editorial services. PB3C’s London office is run by UK Managing Director Harry Turner, an experienced corporate communications manager who has worked both for PR agencies and in-house for Knight Frank.

Corporate positioning

We understand the issues affecting our clients and develop clear brand positioning and the corresponding key messages.

Public relations

We position clients as go-to market commentators, using both digital and traditional media channels to put key issues in the spotlight.

Crisis communication

We have significant experience dealing with crisis communications and advise clients on how to respond to critical issues in a professional manner.

Corporate publishing

We offer clients corporate publishing across all channels. This includes newsletters, corporate brochures, blogs and company reports or studies.

Online marketing

We plan tailored campaigns across social media, making sure that your key messages reach the target audience.

Internal communication

We provide advice during structural change as well as creating corporate wording and helping to develop internal company standards.

Media training

We provide training in how to deal professionally with the media and successfully convey your key messages.


We plan press events such as press conferences, round table meetings or expert panel events and implement these together with you.

„We recognise that many businesses need PR support across multiple locations and we are well equipped to raise their profile in the UK and wider European media. Our specialism is positioning clients as thought leaders in their respective fields, gaining exposure on the critical market issues.“

Harry Turner, UK Managing Director