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PB3C is Germany’s leading corporate positioning and communication consultancy focusing on firms in the real estate and financial industries. We develop strategies and brands through clear messages and high-quality content. Our aim is to create added value for our customers. To achieve this, we use both digital and traditional channels to put key issues in the spotlight.

  • Martin Czaja, Speaker of the Executive Board, BEOS AG

    “We have been working with the specialists from PB3C for more than a decade now. We joined forces back in 2009 to establish an asset class in the public eye that was largely unknown at the time. Terms like "BEOS" and "corporate real estate" – both individually and in combination – have since become household names among investors, brokers, and other market participants. This is partly due to the excellent communication work of PB3C, which has been instrumental in increasing the transparency and understanding of this market segment. We look forward to continuing this success story in the 2020s.”

  • Frank Wojtalewicz, Manager, d.i.i. / Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH

    „Since the founding of our company in the year 2006, market interest has been increasing steadily alongside the development and growth of d.i.i.. New locations and residential quarters are requiring more and more contact with local media, journals, and well-known newspapers. PB3C has been accompanying the d.i.i. group since 2012 in the areas press and public relations. Our conclusion: the decision to hand over this subject into their specialist hands, and to work closely together with such a professional partner, has been proven to be the right one over and over again, not only in our day-to-day work but also with strategic topics. After around three years of an increasingly extensive cooperation on subject such as, newsletters, internet presence, classic PR, and individually approaching customers, we are sure that PB3C will remain as a long-term partner for the d.i.i. group. We have learnt to treasure the PB3C team as reliable, pragmatic, and enriching.”

  • Jochen Schenk, Chairman of the Board, REAL I.S. AG

    „We were searching for a consultant who would be able to implement the entire investment spectrum of Real I.S., from retail products to institutional funds, using a suitable market approach. In PB3C we have found a partner who has a superb understanding of the philosophy of a company, and can implement this through a suitable positioning strategy. Aside from this decisive empathy, PB3C also convinces through the high quality of its work, from both a formal and organisational point of view. We are convinced by the long-term advantages of working together with PB3C.”


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We make you a thought leader

For the property sector and associated financial industries, we offer advice and ongoing support in the following: strategic consulting and corporate positioning, public relations and digital marketing. We are the only agency in the property sector to provide these services, together with our in-house editorial team.

We are the market leader because customers can rely on us to take the initiative when developing new topics and content. Together with us, you will become a thought leader in your field of expertise.

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