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We create coverage and build networks

Be it online or offline, as written text, infographics or podcasts: PB3C broadcasts your messages through the appropriate channel. Our PR consultants, editors and online specialists not only understand your issues, but also strike the right chord.

Our network of property experts, researchers, industry associations, journalists and important stakeholders from politics and business increases your coverage and highlights your role as a thought leader.

“The PB3C team is passionate about our clients’ issues. If necessary, we go the extra mile to find the best communication solution.”

Johannes Braun, PR Director Real Assets

Content creates communication

Communication is not an end in itself, but must always support your corporate objectives. As part of a jointly developed communication strategy, we will position your firm on the appropriate channels – be this in the form of public relations, an online campaign or your own events. PB3C uses its own initiative and extensive professional expertise to constantly develop new topics and content. This focus on your content and our active communication approach are also reflected in our motto: content creates communication.

The property and financial sectors are developing more dynamically than ever before. The real estate industry is becoming more digital, international and increasingly politicised, which affects the way in which companies communicate. We are adapting to this by continuing to significantly expand our content and media skills.

Introducing our managing partners

PB3C is led by three acknowledged communication professionals: Holger Friedrichs, Sonja Rösch and Dr Josef Girshovich.

Introducing our team

Be they strategists, digital natives, media professionals or experienced editors, our interdisciplinary team ensures your successful brand communication.

Market leader in property
communication for 20 years


PB3C expands its management team: Kai Gutacker, Senior Editor and Head of Center of Excellence and Johannes Braun, PR Director Real Assets, are appointed to the Executive Board.


PB3C expands its management team: Jan Döhler, Financial Editor in Chief, Daniel Hosie, Head of PR, and Karl Jann, also Head of PR, are appointed to the Executive Board. PB3C opens offices in Frankfurt and Hamburg.


Dr Josef Girshovich and Sonja Rösch become partners and shareholders of PB3C.


The communications agency begins to trade as PB3C. This abbreviation expresses the agency’s positioning: PB stands for Positionierungsberatung (corporate positioning), 3C for ‘content creates communication’.


Holger Friedrichs acquires all the company’s shares.


The agency undertakes digital activities for the first time: the Online Department is founded as an additional pillar. For the first time, the company now offers corporate positioning, public relations, digital marketing and digital formats.


The Corporate Publishing Division is established and developed. As well as corporate positioning and public relations, the agency also provides increased services for newsletters, brochures and flyers.


The agency expands its public relations work at an international level. It begins press activities in western Europe for the first time.


Property journalist, Dr Rainer Zitelmann, founds Dr. ZitelmannPB. GmbH. Holger Friedrichs sets up the PR Department, establishing public relations in the property sector.


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