When it’s all about companies taking centre stage, rigid images alone are not enough. Our multimedia team brings movement into your corporate communication – whether as an image film or a recruiting video for employer branding.

Our multimedia services

PB3C combines many years of expertise with a keen eye for the right camera angle – we create feature film quality moving image formats for our clients. Whether glossy photos, animated graphics or realistic shots – we will take care of all the details from the concept to the shoot and on to the finishing touches and marketing. Together with our colleagues from the PR, editorial and social media departments, we put our clients in the spotlight – always centre stage.


In the form of video interviews as well as professionally produced podcasts your market and sector expertise is showcased in modern multimedia formats.

Video content for social media

Know-how and emotions instead of rigid images: Reels, snippets and other formats help you reach your target groups even better on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

Event films

We capture the key moments of your corporate events on video. Our professional camera and editing team ensures that the atmosphere will always be faithfully reproduced.

Image films

We design and create unique image videos for companies with a wide range of focuses – from fund managers to project developers. In this way, we will strengthen your brand and make it more tangible for target audiences.

Employer branding films

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is all the more important to awaken the right emotions. Our multimedia team ensures that you as an employer communicate your vital messages in modern video formats in a manner that is appropriate for the target group.

Project videos

Our videos and drone shots are just as individual as your real estate projects. This means that your projects will be even better perceived by the professional public as well as by tenants and residents.

Explainer films

When it comes to conveying knowledge, videos and animations are often much more accessible than manuals or checklists. Our multimedia team conveys even complex issues in an entertaining and readily comprehensible manner.

“When it comes to positioning our clients, at PB3C we focus on content as much as on emotion. We convey both aspects in our live films, animated graphics and social media videos.”

Barbaros Batu Coskun, Art Director