European PR

We will promote your brand both within the DACH region, as well as in the rest of Europe. Our experienced PR consultants connect you with an exclusive network of journalists from the real estate and financial press in German-, English-, and French-speaking regions. With our active communication approach, we ensure that your brands are present in your focus regions. Your messages will reach the right target group with the right tonality.

Our PR services

Our customers receive the full range of PR and publicity – from creating an overall communication strategy, to organising press events and conferences with acknowledged industry experts. We also provide training so that you are confident speaking to the media, even when discussing sensitive issues.

Concept and topic creation

We develop interesting topics for discussion and provide the appropriate PR strategy to publicise them.

Editorial discussions

We organise and support meetings and discussions with journalists. This also includes content preparation and follow-up for these meetings.

Press events

We plan press events, such as press conferences, round table meetings or regular journalist get-togethers, for example, and implement these together with you.

Property trips

We design and organise property and site visits, as well as press trips.

Media training

We offer you seminars and workshops, where we provide training in how to deal professionally with the media and successfully convey your core messages.

Press releases

We create your press releases, statements and articles.

Crisis communication

We have many years of experience dealing with crisis communications and advise customers how to handle critical issues in a professional manner.

International PR

PB3C has a network of partner European PR agencies that we work with and we are happy to take the role of lead agency.

“We not only communicate topics – we create them. This ensures that our clients remain a part of the conversation and always advance the relevant debates.”

Karl-Philipp Jann, Member of the Executive Board, Senior-PR-Consultant