Holger Friedrichs

Managing Partner

Holger Friedrichs looks back on over 20 years of experience in the PR industry; and has been specialising on the real estate sector for over 16 years. His expertise ranges from strategic communication over corporate communication, CEO positioning, crisis communication, brand building and coaching.

Sonja Rösch

Managing Partner

Sonja Rösch has over twelve years of experience in real estate and financial market communications. She was responsible at Commerzbank for the communications processing of the real estate subsidiary Hypothekenbank Frankfurt, formerly Eurohypo. Most recently, she worked for Commerz Real. She specialises in corporate communications, internal communications, social media and branding.

Kai Gutacker

Managing Partner

Kai Gutacker’s focus is on corporate publishing, ghostwriting and online texts.


Daniel Hosie

Managing Partner

Daniel Hosie’s focus is on press work, topic planning and development as well as positioning.


Our experts in the Public relations sector

Karl-Philipp Jann

Board Member
Senior PR Consultant

Johannes Braun

Board Member
PR Director Real Assets

Jasper Radü

Board Member
Senior PR Consultant

Jaroslaw Plewinski

Senior PR Consultant

Franziska Roederstein

Senior PR Consultant

Timo Mussler

Senior PR Consultant

Germaine Dahlmann

PR Consultant

Jeannine Thielow

PR Consultant

Anna-Maria Granegger

PR Consultant

Noah-David Schwill


Adriana Sophia Beran

PR Consultant

Valena Nußbaum


Our experts in the Corporate publishing sector

Jan Döhler

Board Member
Editor in Chief

Dr. Oliver Wenzlaff

Team Leader
Senior Editor

Franziska Drache

Duty Editor
Copy Editor

Anne-Sophie Kahnt

Senior Editor
PB3C News

Peggy Kropmanns

Senior Editor

Marcel Braune

Senior Editor

Henning Jeß

Senior Editor

Sabine Löhr

Senior Editor

Steffen Gerth


Martin Trappen


David Verbeek


Annabell Meyer


Victoria Ost


Carmen Schubert


Nadja Kurnatowski


Our experts in the Online Marketing sector

Harald Ehren

Board Member
Senior Consultant Communications & Content

Nina-Laureen Wiegandt

Team Lead Digital Marketing

Paul Vetter

Senior Web Consultant

Michael Roese

Freelance Senior Social Media Manager

Dr. Vivian Roese

Freelance Senior Social Media Consultant

Stefanie Streicher

Senior Social Media Manager

Julian Harnacke

Senior Social Media Manager
Digital Marketing Manager

Sarah Rether

Senior Social Media Manager

Alexandra Ilina

Senior Social Media Manager

Sebastian Latocha

Senior Online and Performance Marketing Manager

Florian Piechullek

Social Media Manager

Celina Brien

Junior Social Media Manager

Mareike Gagel

Social Media

Valerie Hoffmann

Social Media

Liyan Khazma

Social Media

Emma Feustel

Social Media

Daniel Schache

Content Creator

Malgorzata Siewert

Senior Graphic Designer

Barbaros Batu Coskun

Junor Art Director

Alina Ebert

Junior Online Graphic Designer

Vanessa Tran

Vanessa Tran

PowerPoint Presentation Design Specialist

Negar Bayat

Online Graphik Designer & Motion Designer

Adriana Denissova

Online Graphik Designer

Our administration

Sandra Exner

Member of the Board
Senior Human Relations Manager

Mandy Kaatz


Roxyne Mundele

PR Assistant

Klaus Paul

Senior Controller

Annekatrin Schmitz

Senior Project Manager

Andreas Selk


Monika Chávez

Consultant of Management
Teamlead Team Assistance

Miriam Dock

Team Assistant

Jan Dittmar

Team Assistant

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