M&A Kommunikation

The communication of M&A transactions requires not just expert knowledge but also a considerable amount of tact. We accompany buyers and sellers from the initial announcement through to the integration process with professional media work.

Our M&A
communication services

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are having an ever greater impact on market activities, and not just in the real estate and financial sectors, but also in the field of real assets. Be it to regulate the successor at an owner-managed company, or to specifically expand business through a purchase: the experts at PB3C know how both buyers and sellers communicate with relevant messages and the right tonality.

PR campaign

Above all larger mergers generate considerable interest. We ensure that you are perceived in the press just as you would wish to be perceived.

Internal communication

We accompany you in all stages of the integration – from change communication to a new corporate wording.

Social Media

We take care of the strategic and operational realignment of all channels and identify the right brand ambassadors.

Investor Relations

We actively accompany your online and offline communication with all the key stakeholders.