PB3C Live #4: International Investors and the German Real Estate Market – A discussion with Dr. Henryk Seeger und Dr. Florian Heinemann, moderated by Dr. Josef Girshovich.

Moderation Dr. Josef Girshovich / 27. Sep 2021

Dr. Henryk Seeger

Dr. Florian Heinemann
Project A Ventures

Dr. Josef Girshovich

International Investors and the German Real Estate Market: German residential and unexpected opportunities.

International investors cherish the German real estate market and, at the same time, have great esteem for it: 16 states, 7 top cities, a dozen metropolitan areas, an extremely high rent ratio and the widespread wish of having a home of one’s own. Are these really contradictions? And where would one find opportunities for international real estate investors? Demand for detached houses is on the rise, while prices, however, are still moderate – is it time for international investors to start looking out for entry possibilities on the German detached housing market?

A video podcast discussion on PB3C Live with Dr. Josef Girshovich, Dr. Henryk Seeger, and Dr. Florian Heinemann.