Working with the press is not an end in itself; it has to accomplish the targets set by companies. We will develop a unique PR strategy for your business in order to send the right messages.

Working with the press involves much more than the mere sending of press releases; we develop ideas and suggestions to achieve an engaging public relations’ strategy. Working with the press is quintessential when building a brand or brand awareness.

We cover the entire spectrum of PR:

  • Concept, topics We will develop appropriate press releases and a matching PR strategy with you, and implement them together.
  • Editorial interviews We can collectively plan and execute press events such as press conferences, round table discussions, or journalist panels.
  • Press events We will organise and accompany private interviews with journalists, as well as aid you in preparation and follow up.
  • Property tours We will organise property and on-site tours, as well as press trips for you.
  • Media training Through seminars and workshop, we can teach you how to professionally handle journalists, and how to best communicate your key points.
  • Press releases We will create press releases and reports for you.
  • Crisis communication We have several years’ worth of experience in regards to handling crisis situations, and in advising clients on how to professionally manage such a situation.
  • International PR PB3C has access to an entire network of European PR agencies, we will happily assume the function of lead agency.