Many businesses in the real estate industry such as project developers, associations, and investors, require communication solutions in order to successfully communicate with the government. Whether it’s messages, building a network, or a political event; we will support you in identifying the perfect contact and in choosing appropriate communication methods. Project developers, especially, have to communicate their projects to the government and citizens early on. No matter the project, we will support you with on-site communication.

Overview of our services

  • Networking We will establish contact between you and the government, parliament, local authorities, and communities, set up parliamentary discussion groups, and manage political events.
  • Appointments We will set up appointments between you and the relevant politicians.
  • Communication We can write letters on your behalf to the relevant government bodies and representatives and act as a broker for your business’ interests toward public authorities.
  • Analyses We continually analyse the political landscape and will be at your side with crisis communication.