Your web presence is akin to your business card. Nowadays, corporate and CEO Blogs are as much of a standard as Facebook when it comes to reaching potential employees, or LinkedIN and XING when it comes to reaching potential clients. Whether it’s B-to-B or B-to-C, together we can develop the perfect online strategy for you.

PB3C differs to other agencies, in that we combine online know-how with content. We create our content in house, as our editors can do more than just write; they also possess property and financial expertise.

  • Web development The website is the digital business card of a business; showcasing its products and services. It is the first point of contact for investors, journalists, customers, partners, applicants, and the public. From A to Z we will plan, design, and program your website. At the same time, we also offer web-development projects of all kind, utilising responsive technology to ensure optimum usage whatever the device used to view it may be.
  • Search engine marketing A search engine is usually where the public gathers its first information about your company. Unsurprisingly, the search results displayed on the first page when googling a company are crucial in creating a good first impression. We have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the internet and can maximise visibility to ensure your place on the first page.
  • Content marketing Whilst technical aspects such as an SEO analysis may be important, the content of a website is decisive. Which is exactly why our extensive property know-how is key. We have our finger on the pulse, and are able to develop relevant content in order to spread your message on the internet.
  • Social Media Living in times of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & co., actively publishing content is not just important in classic PR. We will create custom-made campaigns, choose suitable channels, and broadcast your message to investors, journalists, renters, and politicians.
  • Blogs Addressing clients, investors, renters, employees, and business partners directly is of great importance. We can develop as well as programs blogs and their content for you.
  • Movies for your homepage or Youtube From conception to creation, we will accompany your project.
  • Google Adwords We can design ad campaigns for Google Adwords and Facebook, as well as regularly analyse their efficiency and effectiveness.