An overview of our services

  • By-line and ghostwriting of articles, editorials, interviews In close coordination with you, we will compose contributions, editorials, advertorials, and interviews and publish them in suitable media.
  • Customer newsletters and magazines Whether it’s an investor magazine, tenant newspaper, or employee magazine, every medium has a different target demographic and agenda. From conception to creation, we will coordinate it all for you, online as well as offline.
  • Speeches and presentations We will create both script and slides for your speeches and presentations.
  • Corporate brochures The corporate brochure plays a key role in the external communication with potential investors, business partners, communes, and customers. It is extremely important to convey the right message through optimally balancing content and layout.
  • Sales brochures and flyers We will create flyers, sales brochures, or one-pagers, in order for you to market your products and services in the most effective way.
  • Online content Creating content for your websites, blogs, forums, and social media is another service we provide.
  • Research We aim to deliver detailed, accurate, and substantial texts. Therefore we carry out thorough daily research of all property sectors.

Graphic design and Layout